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At apps&YOU, we all come to work every day because we want to solve big problems in mobile. But enough about us—let’s talk about you. Whether you sell a product or services, you need an App that takes care of your users need. We are the people do the complicated stuff so you can focus on your job. We take all that energy out of the city we work and life: São Paulo, Brazil's most populous and wealthiest state. It exerts strong international influence in commerce, finance, arts and entertainment. And we are proud to be part of it!

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iOS 10

It's what we do most and what we love. With 100+ Apps made 4YOU, it's also what we do best! And that for a good reason. We believe the best Apps can be done for iOS. Don't believe, we show you!

watchOS 3

Why bother with a smartwatch? Because it lets you check the weather, see a map, or message your mother? Maybe, but there is so much more possible and we can do it for you!

tvOS 10

Apple reimagined the TV experience with tvOS — an innovative TV platform that redefines what can be done in the living room. Catch your users at that special place and time. Surprise them... We show you how!


It was never as easy like now to bring your ideas also on macOS. The world is mobile and over 20 million people use macOS on their laptop. Is this not reason enough to be part of it?


The (mobile) world is not just iOS and that's good. If growth and reach is what ypur business need, Android and Windows Phone is a must. And we're expert in port your iOS Apps.


It's not just about programming. We use and help you create a software development life cycle that is fully automated and the base of every successfull agile project. Interested to know more?

Meet apps&YOU

Visit us in Sao Paolo: The juice bars are amazing, maybe because they're surrounded by so many varieties of exotic fruits the rest of us have never heard of -- caju, camu-camu, pitanga -- Brazilians are experts in the creation of especially tasty fruit drinks, or sucos. Just about every other street in São Paulo has a juice bar...

And there are many others reasons more... beside visiting us!